Welcome to Seeds of Hope

Hello and welcome!

My name is Daniel and I am the administrator of Seeds of Hope.

What is this ‘blog about? Well, in recent times around the world we have seen some dangerous trends and attitudes arise in relation to how human life is mistreated and disrespected. One of these is a growing push for governments, Territorial, State or National, to legalise euthanasia. That’s the deliberate administration by one person – usually but not always a doctor – to another of a poison, usually by a pill or injection, specifically to cause or hasten the second person’s death. The stated aim is always to alleviate suffering, be it actual or perceived.
This ‘blog exists because people with disabilities, like myself, are made ever more vulnerable in a world where euthanasia exists as an option to put an end to life. We, and the people who should ordinarily care for us, are pressured into saying that there are some lives too limited, painful or hopeless to be worth living. We are pressured into saying that people with disabilities are better off dead. The possible consequences of this way of thinking are wide-ranging and ugly indeed. Such attitudes threaten the very existence of people with disabilities.
So this ‘blog, this forum, exists for you and I to proclaim the goodness of people with disabilities’ lives both despite and because of the conditions we live with. We proclaim that the way we lead our lives advances societies, inspires people, increases learning, improves the lot of many around us. So we are the Seeds of Hope. Our posts, and articles you will read here will declare this loud and clear.
However, here you will also be able to record and read of events. decisions, opinions that stifle the call to life in us, and discourage people with disabilities to carry on. I am sure this record will show that it is not because of any perceived “need” that euthanasia laws are introduced and tragically used in many places, but because of a hopelessness that pervades governments, the medical and legal professions today, to name but a few. To this we say, here and now, “NO!” Let us find better ways to understand and deal with suffering. Indeed, let’s acknowledge that most who discuss this topic have as their motive a very real desire to end suffering. We just do not believe this is achieved by ending the life of sufferers.
I hope this ‘blog will also create something of a joyful community amongst us, giving each one the chance to be significant in the lives of others. That will alleviate isolation, loneliness and depression that, if left to intensify, gives those who would promote euthanasia a toe-hold. We would much rather live!


About Daniel

I am a man with a disability living in Canberra, Australia. I'm passionate about the lives of people with disabilities - our joys, achievements, sorrows and setbacks. I want to encourage the people who support and love us, and stand firmly against obstacles placed in our way that may even threaten our very existence.
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10 Responses to Welcome to Seeds of Hope

  1. Hi Daniel – what a beautiful opening post! Thanks for letting your voice be heard.

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Sally,

      Thank you for that. It’s a pleasure regaining my voice having not seriously written for a while. Now it’s happening in earnest!

  2. Anamaría says:

    Dear Daniel:

    I like your blog.

    I have had de opportunity to work in some project with people with disabilities. I have realized that we all have some kind of disabilties, but it happens that only the physical, the one that can be seen are the one that are notticed.

  3. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for adding your disability voice to this debate. Perhaps you would like to add this ProLiving Disability Statement on Euthanasia (http://proliving.blogspot.com/2011/03/disability-position-statement-on.html) to your links.



  4. Louise says:

    Great post, Daniel. I look forward to reading more. God bless you and your work.

  5. Each and every person has value. Too often we are defined by our output or our income, but these are false values. The sooner we learn to see as our Creator sees, with loving eyes, the sooner we will see a positive change in the world for all human life.

  6. I am living with health challenges that are defined as “disabilities” but this does not define my value. Yet not only the health challenges but the social consequences of these make life extra difficult. But each day in prayer I grab God by the hand and make it through somehow. Moments of glory are amazingly frequent! And I am able to bless others in many ways. Some people are even surprised when I mention these challenges. That’s okay. The Holy Spirit helps in every way. Life is a gift no matter what.

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