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A Voice for the Voiceless?

Few crimes are more wicked than those committed against we who have ┬ádisabilities. Fear of abandonment and reprisal makes us less likely than others to report being abused or mistreated. Crimes against us wound our sense of trust particularly deeply, … Continue reading

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Love at Home, Support from the Society, to Prevent Real Tragedy

What could be tougher than having one disability? Having several. And being the lifelong carer parent of someone in this position is possibly the most emotionally, physically and psychologically demanding role on the planet. Here is an eloquent, beautifully shot … Continue reading

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Here is an opportunity to say how your life with a disability, a family member’s or friend’s enriches you, and the society in which we live. How would the availability of euthanasia affect your life? Simply post it as a … Continue reading

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Disability imitated when it suits, devalued when it doesn’t.

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery”, wrote the English Cleric, Charles Caleb Colton. Frankly, Charles, I disagree. You see, during my younger days I was bullied because of my disability. That sometimes took the form of boys at my high … Continue reading

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A note on a Refreshed Friendship

One of the most important, real safeguards against the perceived need for euthanasia is genuine friendship in which people demonstrate their appreciation of each other in practical, meaningful ways. ┬áThe effects of good relationships is perhaps not fully appreciated. A … Continue reading

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A Tiny Footprint, but a Big Influence

Yesterday the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, finally released the government’s long-awaited plan to reduce the amount of carbon-related pollution we create. I was pleased to be able to reflect how little my own carbon footprint probably is. One reason … Continue reading

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Early Intervention could protect against a sad ending

Reluctant though I am to praise government initiatives uncritically, this one seems very good. Helping to support the very beginnings of people’s lives as they learn to manage some very disabling conditions may give parents and indeed, children themselves, enough … Continue reading

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