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I am a man with a disability living in Canberra, Australia. I'm passionate about the lives of people with disabilities - our joys, achievements, sorrows and setbacks. I want to encourage the people who support and love us, and stand firmly against obstacles placed in our way that may even threaten our very existence.

Will Shared Joys, Hardships and Talents Unite Us?

Here’s an admission.  Your resident Blog Master is one of many modern folk who have taken to so-called internet dating to find love.  And it looks like paying off! Now a date, technically, is any experience in which a man … Continue reading

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Academic Tries to Re-open Discussion

A local Academic has called for the revival of local discussion on whether euthanasia should be allowed.  But as some readers’ comments suggest, the issue is seen as peripheral and irrelevant to an esteemed institution of learning the Australian National … Continue reading

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Lack of Understanding of Suicide Bodes Ill for Safeguards

This feature, from the local Press demonstrates that the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T) health system, among others, cannot yet understand, let alone prevent an alarmingly high rate of suicides here. So how on earth would any so-called safeguards function adequately … Continue reading

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A New Role, A New Lease on Life

  No doubt about it, it’s been a long time between posts! The greatest joys that have befallen me during this time away have been requests to become Godfather to not one, but two terrific little boys, Raphael and Christopher. … Continue reading

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Scrutinise Ethics for Children, Before it’s Too Late

Preventing legalisation of euthanasia in a society surely starts with providing kids with sound ethical frameworks by which to evaluate such laws. In the State Parliament of New South Wales, an Inquiry is ongoing to evaluate the worth of ethics … Continue reading

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The “We Wish You Weren’t There” Treatment

Sorry that things have been rather slow on this blog of late. It hasn’t been my intention to remain silent. I recently read an entry on another ‘blog – one to do with so-called “online dating, of all things -about … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Opens Us Up to Greater Vulnerability

Protection from the ideas euthanasia and assisted suicide can come from improving laws on domestic violence and the living conditions of people with disabilities. It’s good to see that in this story from the local rag, a  group called Advocacy … Continue reading

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