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Lack of Understanding of Suicide Bodes Ill for Safeguards

This feature, from the local Press demonstrates that the Australian Capital Territory (A.C.T) health system, among others, cannot yet understand, let alone prevent an alarmingly high rate of suicides here. So how on earth would any so-called safeguards function adequately … Continue reading

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Scrutinise Ethics for Children, Before it’s Too Late

Preventing legalisation of euthanasia in a society surely starts with providing kids with sound ethical frameworks by which to evaluate such laws. In the State Parliament of New South Wales, an Inquiry is ongoing to evaluate the worth of ethics … Continue reading

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Stigma Among Mental Heatlh Profession makes people with Mental Illness More Vulnerable

Many types of euthanasia law include the so-called “safeguard” that a person seeking euthanasia must see a couple of psychologists or the like, who are willing to testify that the person is of sound mind, not suffering from depression, anxiety … Continue reading

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Changing the Australian Culture of Death: the NDIS offers Hope

The think-tank, Price Waterhouse Coopers, has released a paper called Disability Expectations,: Investing in a Better Life, a Stronger Australia. ┬áIt rightly points out that, for the government’s proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme to work, there needs to be an … Continue reading

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“You wouldn’t let it happen to a dog”

How often have you heard a remark like that made in regard to someone who, despite being in the depths of suffering, is being helped to die well? Last night I had time out to see a movie, The Red … Continue reading

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Mario, Loredana and family

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Good Grief! Defining the Normal as the “Disordered” Raises Euthanasia Risk.

Psychiatrists have recently met to revise their most important diagnostic tool, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). One of the “new” disorders under consideration in the Manual’s newest edition, DSM 5, is grief. Grief includes aspects of … Continue reading

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